#ThrowbackThursday: When a small Pebble was a big deal

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Many years ago, my wife bought me a (original generation) Pebble for Christmas, because she knew that I had wanted one badly since they first became available to the public… And whilst I actually had problems with it, Pebble’s customer care was unrivaled – not only did they quickly replace it via a simple process, but they “reset” my warranty period anew.

A couple of years on, and I was ready to upgrade to the upcoming Pebble Time 2, which introduced a color e-paper display and exciting new functionality, whilst offering (Real World) usage times that still cannot be matched today.

Then Fitbit bought Pebble and exactly as I anticipated, they killed off the “Pebble” range, whilst failing to offer a similar product.

That leaves me with the Apple Watch (Series 4) I use now – it’s a fantastic “smart” watch and I use the “advanced” functionality (such the ability to make / receive calls)… But it’s “just a smartwatch” and I just don’t feel the loyalty to it that I did my Pebble.

With regards to my Pebble, not only did it have stellar usage times, but I could make my own watches faces, the applications were waaay more useful than anything offered for my Apple Watch and importantly, that e-paper display was just so much better to look at than even the very best LCD or OLED displays available today.

Maybe someday somebody will release a “spiritual successor” to the “Pebble” products… Until, I will remember the company fondly, as the best smartwatch manufacturer to date.

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