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On Your Phone While Driving? New AI Cameras Will Catch You

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Hopefully they bring this Queensland soon – just this morning I have already watched as at least half-a-dozen people brazenly used their cell phones, whilst operating a vehicle!

As for the NSW Government’s decision to remove signage for all their cameras – good.

If one is not speeding or using a cell phone, then they don’t have a problem… Do the right thing and you’ll be fine (pun not intended).

Mobile seized after M5 crash leaves one child dead, another in hospital

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You know what? If I had $1 for every driver I see on the Gold Coast using a cell phone every day, I’d own most of the Gold Coast!

As I keep saying, they need to get tougher on those using cell phones whilst driving.

Imagine if drivers were being fined $1,000 for a first offence, had their vehicle crushed for the second offence and had a mandatory jail term for subsequent offences… Drivers would be terrified of even looking at their cell phones!

If this driver is proven to have been using his cell phone whilst driving, they should send him to prison for a minimum of ten years… But we live in Australia and our legal system has no teeth, so he’ll likely get a slap on the wrist, which is an insult to both the victims and the legal system.

Refugee bailed over alleged Sydney laneway rape as he can’t speak English

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Good work… Let a rapist roam the streets because he cannot speak the native tongue.

I’m just putting it out there – regardless of this guy’s language skills, if he thinks rape an appropriate act, then he shouldn’t be here anyway… Cancel his “bridging visa” and deport him immediately, before he goes into hiding and becomes an un-traceable threat.