Xperia decline accelerates with just 0.6m units shipped in last quarter

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Sony always had it coming… Sporadic releases here in Australia and when they were released, we usually didn’t get all of the colors or storage capacities that a particular model was produced in overseas.

Furthermore, I still firmly believe that if Sony had jumped on board with Ubuntu Touch / Ubuntu Phone, both Canonical and Sony could have made a powerful product that would have been able to compete with Google’s Android operating system head-on, whilst offering modern functionality and superior privacy.

In the end, limited vision and a reluctance to step away from Google’s Android led to the decline in Sony’s products… These aren’t the only reasons for Sony’s downfall in cellular telecommunications of course, but they played an awfully big role.

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Hearthstone Esports Sponsor Mitsubishi Cut Ties After Controversial Player Ban

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With so many companies and governments bending to the will of the Chinese Government, it’s great to see that some companies are not afraid to actually take a stand against China’s human rights violations…

Sure, Mitsubishi’s actions are not going to stop China from its human rights violations – but it will send a clear message to all of the other companies and governments out there, many of whom like to pretend such things do not happen. Hopefully, Mitsubishi’s decision will influence other companies and organisations to do similar things in the future, when others ignore China’s human rights violations or persecute those that push back against them.

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison plans crackdown on environmental groups

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Yes, we can’t have people thinking about the environment and our future… Climate change is a myth and if these environmental groups convince people otherwise, the Government might have a little less money for all those “work” expenses.

How did this guy even get into office? He’s like a watered-down version of Donald Trump!

PM doubles down over China’s right abuses

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Actions speak much louder than words and unfortunately, most of the world is content with just ignoring China’s human rights abuses; a small minority actually speak out against China and their human rights abuses, though I take this with a grain of salt.

Normally I would say that the internal issues in a country should be free from external intervention – but we are talking about China, a country which has one of the worst human rights records in the world, by a huge margin… In fact, China’s human rights record is so bad, it could easily be compared to that of North Korea.

Yet the world ignores these human rights abuses and on the rare occasions when something is said, it is said with extreme caution. Australian politicians for example, have been particularly enthusiastic about calling out China lately, but at the same time, they regularly remind us that China is one of our biggest trade partners and continue to import from / export to China.

Now I am not saying we should go to war with China – aside from the fact that China has one of the largest military forces in the world, very few people ever “win” in a war – but we should absolutely be hitting China with sanctions or moving our businesses out of China… If you start hitting China with sanctions and moving businesses out of China, there is a possibility they might cut back on the human rights abuses.

Of course, the issue here is that China is infamously stubborn and thus unlikely to stop with their human rights abuses even after sanctions or moving businesses out of the country, so a war might be inevitable… But at the end of the day, “the ends justify the means” and if war is what it would take to force China to stop with the human rights abuses, so be it.

But only after exhausting all other options… War should never be the first option, especially when you have people like Donald Trump in positions of power.

My point is though, that all these people (such as our environment-hating Prime Minister) who “call out” China for their human rights abuses are hypocritical, because such people are in a position to do something about said human rights abuses, but don’t… Which makes these people no better than China themselves.

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Refugee bailed over alleged Sydney laneway rape as he can’t speak English

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Good work… Let a rapist roam the streets because he cannot speak the native tongue.

I’m just putting it out there – regardless of this guy’s language skills, if he thinks rape an appropriate act, then he shouldn’t be here anyway… Cancel his “bridging visa” and deport him immediately, before he goes into hiding and becomes an un-traceable threat.