On Your Phone While Driving? New AI Cameras Will Catch You

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Hopefully they bring this Queensland soon – just this morning I have already watched as at least half-a-dozen people brazenly used their cell phones, whilst operating a vehicle!

As for the NSW Government’s decision to remove signage for all their cameras – good.

If one is not speeding or using a cell phone, then they don’t have a problem… Do the right thing and you’ll be fine (pun not intended).

Mobile seized after M5 crash leaves one child dead, another in hospital

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You know what? If I had $1 for every driver I see on the Gold Coast using a cell phone every day, I’d own most of the Gold Coast!

As I keep saying, they need to get tougher on those using cell phones whilst driving.

Imagine if drivers were being fined $1,000 for a first offence, had their vehicle crushed for the second offence and had a mandatory jail term for subsequent offences… Drivers would be terrified of even looking at their cell phones!

If this driver is proven to have been using his cell phone whilst driving, they should send him to prison for a minimum of ten years… But we live in Australia and our legal system has no teeth, so he’ll likely get a slap on the wrist, which is an insult to both the victims and the legal system.

Space Travel Is Great, but According to This, You Won’t Have a Planet to Come Home To

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Here’s the thing though – “experts” say that we have approximately 10-50 years before the Earth can no longer sustain the size of our population, and most scientists agree that at some point in the next 50 years, the damage to the environment will be so bad that we are unlikely to be able to reverse it.

With regards to both issues, many governments prefer to simply ignore the facts, rather than proactively tackling said issues.

Therefore, it is critically-important to the human race that we consider the alternatives and the obvious alternatives are habitation on another planet or space stations.

But those things are never going to happen if we don’t make advances in space technology, and we’re not going to make advances in space technology if we don’t invest in space technology… Which is why things like space tourism are essential to our future.

Sure, for the first few decades it will be only the uber-wealthy going into space for nothing more than fun – but every trip into space will mean more money put into the industry, and a bunch of geeks somewhere in the world are going to be using that money to advance the technology used in space; which in turn means that we are going to be one step closer to habitation on another planet or on a space station.

So at the end of the day, whilst the environmental impact of space travel is significant, “the ends justify the means”.

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Apple News+ struggles to add subscribers

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I wonder why that is? Oh, that’s right – it’s because Apple News+ is garbage!

Every single day, I mark all the click the “Suggest less” link on “royal” stories, British news stories, cricket stories, pro-feminism stories and stories relating to television… And every single day, I continue to see my “Today” newsfeed filled with stories about the “royals”, the British, cricket, pro-feminist topics and television.

Not only this, but maybe one in every fifty stories is about the Gold Coast or Queensland – despite the fact that I clearly “follow” both topics.

Nope, I won’t be paying for Apple News+… Not now, not ever.

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Plush Time Wins… At Timezone!

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Look who I bumped into whilst I was at work – Angel and Crystal from Plush Time Wins!

My whole household watches these guys on YouTube and a couple of months ago, I saw on their website that they are sponsored by our employer… Knowing that we were about to re-open after a major renovation, I suspected they may make an appearance; it turns out my suspicions were not wrong.

Anyway, I got to have a chat to both of them multiple times over the two days there were in our venue – I thought they seemed pretty nice – and they were generous enough to let me even have a “selfie” with them.

Thanks guys, it was great meeting you and I hope we see you at Timezone again in the future.

If you don’t know who Plush Time Wins are, you can check out their website over here.

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#ThrowbackThursday: When a small Pebble was a big deal

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Many years ago, my wife bought me a (original generation) Pebble for Christmas, because she knew that I had wanted one badly since they first became available to the public… And whilst I actually had problems with it, Pebble’s customer care was unrivaled – not only did they quickly replace it via a simple process, but they “reset” my warranty period anew.

A couple of years on, and I was ready to upgrade to the upcoming Pebble Time 2, which introduced a color e-paper display and exciting new functionality, whilst offering (Real World) usage times that still cannot be matched today.

Then Fitbit bought Pebble and exactly as I anticipated, they killed off the “Pebble” range, whilst failing to offer a similar product.

That leaves me with the Apple Watch (Series 4) I use now – it’s a fantastic “smart” watch and I use the “advanced” functionality (such the ability to make / receive calls)… But it’s “just a smartwatch” and I just don’t feel the loyalty to it that I did my Pebble.

With regards to my Pebble, not only did it have stellar usage times, but I could make my own watches faces, the applications were waaay more useful than anything offered for my Apple Watch and importantly, that e-paper display was just so much better to look at than even the very best LCD or OLED displays available today.

Maybe someday somebody will release a “spiritual successor” to the “Pebble” products… Until, I will remember the company fondly, as the best smartwatch manufacturer to date.

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